Northwestern University                         

Directed by Mary Poole

Lighting Design by Becca Jeffords     

Scenic Design by Sarah JHP Watkins

Costume Design by Becca Jeffords

Design Statement                                                          

Twelfth Night is a light-hearted comedy about miscommunication, confusion and misdirection. Set in the beginning of January, the lilt and sparkle of wintertime that is evident in the text needs to be carried through in the stage picture as well, like a bright winter berry that's set out against the crisp white backdrop of snow.

Muted colored wood planks the floor, reminiscent of a weathered dock, while the remnants of dried tan grasses line the stage. Birch trees dotted with snow line the upstage edge of the platform. An expansive backdrop in muted blues and greys depicting wintery trees with their boughs laid bare dominates the back wall. Meanwhile, a Tudor house floats between the scrim and the backdrop as if sitting atop a hill overlooking the river below.

Light infuses the play with the sparkle of winter, highlighting the romance and humor in the story. Late evening sunlight brushes against the horizon, illuminating the foliage with a golden halo while pale pink fingers thread their way through the sky. The cool afternoon sunlight is imbued with a faint touch of violet. This winter garden is a world of subtle warmth, touched by delicate bursts of color. The drop, in particular, aids with washing the world with color. Hints of these gestures are pulled down into the stage in the form of branch textures or angled light, reminiscent of sunset or lamplight. Through it we are able to move seamlessly from afternoon to night, grounding us in the moment.